As Shireen and Bob expanded their company’s VoIP and digital transcription services, they soon began to regularly meet with David Spencer, creator of Ampers and president of Migum. Through these meetings and intensive market research, the team realized the opportunity for offering Asterisk-based implementations. While Cipher frequently recommended different combinations of proprietary hardware and software solutions, no one system could flexibly interact with legacy systems and easily integrate with the evolving industry SIP signaling protocol standard like Asterisk. Moreover, every proprietary system’s potential savings were blunted by licensing fees that grew with the number of users in an enterprise and the number of core features an enterprise employed.

In 2005, The Cipher Group became SIPBox and ultimately Maxtronic in order to focus the team’s network design skills on the unique and complete solution offered by Asterisk and Polycom VoIP installations.

The Competence and Cost Effective Advantage of Open Source VoIP

Maxtronic excels at VoIP design and implementation because of the company’s focus on network expertise and voice packet transmission quality. Since 2005, Maxtronic has focused on the unique enterprise value proposition of the open source PBX technology of Asterisk. Asterisk’s modular format and multitude of codecs allows it to integrate with any existing analog or digital system available today. Asterisk’s complete SIP platform ensures it will work with evolving technology in research and development labs as well. Finally, Asterisk’s open source availability delivers enormous cost savings for businesses because enterprises do not pay licensing fees associated with added feature sets or additional users. As your enterprise demands more functionality and more users, the savings associated with Asterisk grows.

Maxtronic recommends Polycom telephones in its VoIP implementations. Polycom conferencing technology excels in audio transcription services because it increases echo cancellation. Echo cancellation is the leading challenge for VoIP telephones today. Polycom telephone technology also has the most advanced Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) integration with Asterisk on the market today. SIP is the state of the art signaling protocol for VoIP and is the leading signaling protocol for Asterisk. As a result, Polycom telephones have the highest voice transmission quality, create the most flexible platform for future VoIP applications growth, and are uniquely designed to integrate with Asterisk software.

Let Maxtronic bring its open source VoIP expertise to benefit your enterprise today.

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